Saturday, February 25, 2012

Resplendent Quetzal

One of the big target bird species and specialities for Costa Rica has to be the Resplendent Quetzal.  Everywhere you go you see signs of adoration for this bird.  What makes me laugh is that it is not even considered as the National bird of Costa Rica.  Instead the plain Clay-coloured Robin has that title and it looks similar to a female Blackbird.  If I was Costa Rican I'd be a little peeved that such a colourful specimen like the Quetzal did not make the grade.


  1. "Resplendent Quetzal all the way " .
    Fantastic bird.
    Enjoying the posts...looking forward to the next!
    Keep them coming Murf

  2. Dear John, I commend you on these pictures of the elusive Quetzal, in fact it is a very rare and special bird, it is said than it cannot be caged as it will die. The Quetzal is already Guatemala's National Bird and it appears on our Coat of Arms, also our currency is called after this beautiful bird.

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