Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Clare Yellowhammer Survey 2015

The Yellowhammer is Red Listed in both the UK  and Ireland and is of ‘Birds of Conservation Concern’ on the grounds that there has been a decline greater than 50% in the last 25 years. Its European status is listed as ‘non-SPEC, status secure’.  It is not listed in the Annexes of the EU Birds Directive (79/409/EEC).  In Clare we have seen a dramatic drop in numbers since the late 1970's and during the breeding season of 2015, I am trying to get a handle on remaining numbers in the county both breeding and wintering populations.  We know that the central Burren and east-Burren areas still hold a small number of birds, but since the Atlas of Breeding Birds of the Burren (Lysaght) in the early 1990's, we are not sure of the true picture and totals remaining in this area and how they are fairing today.  So to try and fill in the gaps and clarify the situation, I am trying to cover the areas in this region during the remainder of this year to see if numbers are holding there own or dropping.  To complete this survey I will require as much help from other people as possible.  The Burren is a popular tourist and holiday destination. If you are visiting the Burren or Clare  this year or living in the Burren, I would like to receive any sightings of Yellowhammer that you come across if visiting this Geopark, whether on a bush, visiting your farm where livestock are being fed, or coming to your bird table to feed with the other common garden birds.  Please send in any sightings to me at (murphyjohnn@gmail.com) or text 086-3208965 with you sightings.  Many Thanks.
Yellowhammers in the Burren John N Murphy