Saturday, November 1, 2014

Lesser Yellowlegs

I got back to Moyasta Creek early this morning to try and see and get a few shots of the Lesser Yellowlegs that has been present at the creek for the last week.  This is only the fifth Clare record of this rare North American vagrant.  There have been two at Doonbeg, two at Moyasta, Poulnasherry Bay and one Spring record from Loop Head. shots. This is my first for Clare and below area few that I got under horrific light and rain this morning.

 Lesser Yellowlegs at Moyasta John N Murphy

Pomarine Skua on Loop

The first bird record of note from Loop Head was a Pomarine Skua shot near the Lighthouse in 1884.  This specimen is stuffed and sitting in a case within the National History Museum in Dublin, as part of the Barrington collection.  Today while I was having my lunch in the car park of Loop Head Lighthouse, a Pomarine Skua flew in off the sea tired and bedraggled from trying to head south against a strong southerly wind. As it landed in front of me in the heather, my mind rambled back to the bird from the 1800's that I have visited and seen in the museum.  But today this bird was shot in a different way, with a camera and not a gun.  Oh how times have changed.

 Pomarine Skua taking a break on nice soft heather in front of Loop Head Lighthouse John N Murphy