Sunday, March 6, 2011

Black Swan

In late 2010 a pair of Black Swans arrived in Limerick City.  These two birds caused a stir with locals and the media.  Some papers even reported that they came all the way from Australia.  Both these birds were no doubt from a collection somewhere in Ireland or Britain.  They departed limerick City in early January of 2010 and ended up in Lough Murree, North Clare.  After a few weeks at Lough Murree they seperated where one stayed on the lough but the other went east and ended up at Rahasane Turlough in Galway.  Then the lough Murree bird came back to Limerick in late February 2010 where it was last week on 1st March and still remains as I type.  The second bird is more than likely still at Rahasane turlough in Galway.

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