Thursday, June 28, 2012

June Bugs

During my travels around the country over the past week I have encountered lots of nice invertebrates and bugs in the areas where I surveyed. Please see below. 

 Daddy-Long-Legs an alien looking creature up close © John N Murphy
Sawfly Tenthredo Mesomelas © John N Murphy
Brimstone Moth © John N Murphy
Bee Orchid at the Shannon Airport Lagoon © John N Murphy
Pyramid Orchid at the Shannon Airport Lagoon © John N Murphy
Ringlet Butterfly © John N Murphy
 Leptura Livida Beetle © John N Murphy
Lochmaea Capreae Beetle © John N Murphy
Hover Fly Helophilus trivittatus © John N Murphy 
Micro Moth © John N Murphy

Leptura Strangalia quadrifasciata Longhorn Beetle © John N Murphy

I found this Longhorn Beetle at Leptura Strangalia quadrifasciata at home in my garden last weekend on Sunday 24th June 2012, while painting some trellis in my courtyard. It is localised and rare in Ireland – not found in northern counties except for one record from Ards Forest, West Donegal.  Very easily confused with the even rarer Leptura aurulenta which is recorded from Kerry, Cork and Wicklow. There are recent records of quadrifasciata in Co Clare (Castleton, Cragmoher & Ardnamurry Loughs). But it is far from common.  The larvae live mainly on rotten birch and the adults fly in late spring to early summer.  Thanks to Roy Anderson for the information on the distrubution of this species in Ireland.

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