Sunday, November 18, 2012

Winter Thrushes

The first frosts have arrived here in the west of Ireland and with it the recently arrived flocks of winter thrushes, gorging themselves on the small crop of native berries available to them this season.  But they can always turn to the Phyrracantha firethorns and the Catoneasters in peoples gardens.  All these garden plants seem to be ladened with berries this year for some reason?  My Ivy bushes and Blackthorns have a fairly OK crop but wont last long.

Redwings feeding on Hawthorn berries © John N Murphy
 Blackbird on Phyrrachanta firethorn bush © John N Murphy

Songthrush © John N Murphy
A female Blackbird and Fieldfare coming to a frozen stream edge for water © John N Murphy

1 comment:

  1. Love the shot of the Redwing with the berry on top of the tree Murf - class. I see from the tasty Fieldfare shot you've had some heavy frosts too. Some cracking shots there, great stuff!