Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pig Egret

I was up in Donegal Friday and Saturday of this week 18th & 19th January to try and catch up on a few New year species.  I got all my target birds Snow goose at Sheskin Mor, Bittern and Smew at Inch Island and this Cattle Egret feeding amongst the pigs at St.Johnston.  I have never seen a cattle Egret following pigs before and it was great to observe this hungry little bird wait patiently next to the Tamsworth and Saddle-backed pigs as they flung mud and worms out of the ground with their powerful snouts.

Cattle Egret at St. Johnston © John N Murphy


  1. Nice one Murf, love the title! Seems a bit strange seeing it so close to the oinkers! Gives the shots a bit of an unusual flavour though.