Monday, April 22, 2013

Green Woodpecker

I spent a few days in Chesterfield, Derbyshire the UK on business and got a couple of hours birding in the general location of the town and along the canal banks.  Had a fantastic Green Woodpecker on the grounds of Springwell Community College.  I also managed to see Great Spotted Woodpecker, lots of Buzzards and a couple of Red Kites.

 Green Woodpecker © John N Murphy

Great Spotted Woodpecker © John N Murphy


  1. What a beauty Murf!
    Did you bring any back with you? ;-)

    1. Have a few in the garden Floss. When are you home?

  2. Today, I hope! :-) Will give you a shout one I have my feet under the table, got a fairly mad week ahead of me though.

    Kittiwake shots are very nice indeed - pin sharp - you forget what a handsome bird they are.