Wednesday, May 22, 2013

White-billed Diver

On my way back from working in North West Mayo, I got a generous offer that I could not refuse.  John Brittain (, the skipper of a small fishing vessel out of Cleggan in Galway, and the finder of this stunning almost full summer plumage adult White-billed Diver, offered myself and Anthony McGeehan, a trip out to see the bird. This bird first appeared last Saturday 17th May and thankfully it stuck around to get its portrait taken.  The bird was not too far off the south end of Inishbofin and three years ago a bird was seen off the Inishbofin Ferry on 13th May by Aonghus O' Donnell and Dermot Breen.  Probably the same bird returning to a favourite feeding site.  Thanks to all who made this trip and bird possible.

White-billed Diver, Inishbofin, © John N Murphy


  1. Ooo ya jammy bugger! Absolutely fantastic shots Murf luv em. Home tomorrow will give you a call.

  2. Is yer email broked? Tried to mail you about 4 times, it keeps bouncing back?

  3. Cracking bird in summer plumage as well, and super shots as well Murf (As always) deadly that it stayed around well done.

  4. Fantastic score John, great effort.

  5. Cheers Lads,

    Delighted to even see the bird never mind getting a photo.