Saturday, August 24, 2013

Citrine Wagtail

Got close to one of the Citrine Wagtails in Tacumschin early this morning, but in the afternoon the two birds were fairly flighty.  Rough calculations in a conversation on the phone with Dermot Breen tonight makes these two birds only the 26th & 27th records for Ireland.

Immature Citrine Wagtail at Tacumschin, Wexford © John N Murphy


  1. Bloody hell Murf lovely Wag shots! What you at for the year now?

  2. Year List is a top secret Floss. All will be revealed in Jan 2014, Murf.

  3. "Only" the 26th and 27th? That one that loads of people ticked up in Donegal as recently as 2002 (dipped on that one myself) was the 5th! 2-3 in 2003 (saw two of those), and been a few every year since.