Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Western Bonelli's Warbler

 Bonelli'sWarbler, Garinish, Cork © John N Murphy
 Chiffchaff, Garinish © John N Murphy
 A fairly wrecked looking Willow Warbler at Garinish © John N Murphy
 Goldcrest © John N Murphy
Whinchat down the Valley in Garinish © John N Murphy


  1. Whoa! Lovely Western Bonelli's shots Murf! Jeez I'm missing them all for flips sake!

  2. Hi, John! Troakie's brother here. Impressive Bonelli's shots! How long did you have to stand next to that sycamore tree?

    1. I was lucky enough that the bird was showing very well from early in the morning. Once the rain stopped all the birds came out in the open to feed. I know when Paul found it that it was very skulky, but once you worked out its pattern, it was not too difficult to follow. But as you can see from the shots, it stayed deep in the sycamores, high up in the trees. Murf.