Saturday, November 1, 2014

Pomarine Skua on Loop

The first bird record of note from Loop Head was a Pomarine Skua shot near the Lighthouse in 1884.  This specimen is stuffed and sitting in a case within the National History Museum in Dublin, as part of the Barrington collection.  Today while I was having my lunch in the car park of Loop Head Lighthouse, a Pomarine Skua flew in off the sea tired and bedraggled from trying to head south against a strong southerly wind. As it landed in front of me in the heather, my mind rambled back to the bird from the 1800's that I have visited and seen in the museum.  But today this bird was shot in a different way, with a camera and not a gun.  Oh how times have changed.

 Pomarine Skua taking a break on nice soft heather in front of Loop Head Lighthouse John N Murphy

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  1. Great shots Murf, if a tad strange to see this fella on land.