Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Tropical Galway

I was in Galway on the 29th December to search for gulls at Nimmo's Pier along the waterfront.  Now I know that Galway has a large Brazilian population, and I know that in recent years many good rare Trans-Atlantic vagrants have made it across the to this part of Ireland, but I was not aware that Global warming had reached this part of the west of Ireland so quickly.  On the main road between Oranmore and Galway City I spotted this Amazonian Blue and Yellow (Gold) Macaw.  I'm sure there is some unhappy owner missing this fine creature.  I checked on the net to find that these magnificent birds can be purchased for up to two grand.  I would be pissed if my expensive Christmas present flew the coop especially at this price.  Anyway I got to the city and managed to see three Ring-billed Gulls on the slip at Nimmo's (one first-winter and two adults) as seen below.
 Blue and Yellow Macaw just outside Galway City John N Murphy
 Adult Ring-billed Gulls at the Slipway at Nimmo's Pier John N Murphy

First-winter Ring-billed Gull on the slipway in Galway John N Murphy

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  1. Hahaha...surprised that parrot didn't crop up on Irishbirding! ;-)