Sunday, September 18, 2016


There was a large flock of 300-400 Herring Gulls feeding on the high tideline of Ross Bay, Loop Head yesterday evening 17th September 2016. As I walked the road checking out the gulls feeding in the waves I noticed this first-summer/2nd-winter white headed gull within the main flock.  At first I thought it might be a Caspian Gull due to the clean white head, but the bill did not appear long and parallel enough for that race. I then thought it looked bulky enough to be Larus michahellis but the bill looked odd and certain features were not right. The next conclusion I came to was Armenian Gull Larus armenicus from central Turkey to Armenia, but as I have not seen this race which is closely related to Yellow-legged Gull, I could not be sure. I have sent shots off to experts for their comments.  If anyone can shed some light please feel free to do so.

Large Gull at Ross Bay, Loop Head John N Murphy
This Great Black-backed Gull with dirty dark legs was at Ross Bay , Loop Head on Saturday and I had previously seen and photographed this bird two weeks ago at Black Rock Strand in Kerry John N Murphy

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