Sunday, February 11, 2018

Houbara Bustard

On my first ever trip to Lanzarote between the 4th and 11th February 2018, I located only four Houbara Bustards and these were a life time tick for me.  On the 7th,  I located one bird in open plains west of Nazaret along the north side of the LZ-408 close to LZ-30.  This was an individual male.  One the 8th three were feeding in open cultivated fields along the west of the LZ-402 west of Teguise, near a large goat/sheep farm.  These three birds were very confiding after an hour of slow approach.  All the shots I too of these birds were with my Canon 600mm F4 and 1.4 convertor attached, so I was still a long way back for all the shots and the birds did not flush. At one point the two males were displaying to the female wing flutters and dancing flight action. 
Houbara Bustards, Lanzarote John N Murphy


  1. Great shots of those Bustards Murf.
    Brings back a memory from 1992 of walking for miles looking for surf around Isla de Graciosa just north of Lanzarote , I came across a pair of these out in the scrub.

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