Friday, March 2, 2018

Iceland Gull & Eel

This 2CY Iceland Gull was at the Community Hall at Lady's Island Lake on Thursday.  It managed to dig this Eel out of the muddy sand where it struggled for some time to wolf it down.  The Eel gave a good fight, but the gull was far too powerful and eventually gulp him down.  Nice tasty meal.

Iceland Gull eating Eel John N Murphy

1 comment:

  1. Cool shots and blog! I initially noticed your "Seagull vs Eel" series here! Wow, that looks like a pretty large eel the hungry bird is tackling!In the last shot it appears half the eel is staring down it's captors throat, but it really doesn't want to go down!

    So in the end the Seagull really managed to gulp that entire thing down okay? If somehow eaten, does the unlucky prey get swallowed wriggling/twisting all the way as well?!