Monday, August 29, 2011

Cape Competition Winners

The winning shots as selected by the Cape Clear judging panel from the recently attended Cape Clear Wildlife Photographic Course Competition were as follows.

The five categories were;

1.  A Robin
2.  An Insect
3.  A Plant
4.  An Island Scenery
5.  A surprise

Richard Duff got two out of the top five with his wonderful shot a a Common Blue butterfly and a Robin.  This crowned him the overall winner.

 Common Blue Butterfly © Richard Duff
 Robin © Richard Duff
 Island Landscape © Barbara Graham
 Flowering Dandelion © Dara McGivern
Fulmar in flight © Brendan Sheilds

The following selection of shots were highly recommended for their artistic qualities.

 Common Blue Butterfly © Marie Sinnot
 O'Driscolls Castle © James Hayes
 View through the Marriage Stone © Stephanie Welton
 Crane Fly © Aoife Duff
 Sunset over Mizen © Rosemary Doyle
 Orb Spider © Annelene Barry
 Cape Harbour at Night © Barbara Graham
Sunset © Marie Sinnot
Peacock Butterfly © James Hayes

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