Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hedgerows alive

It is hard to believe that finally after the last two and a half months, the persistent cold Northerly wind has shifted to a warmer more southerly direction.  The temperatures have risen to heights more normal for this time of the year and with these temperature increases life has eventually come back into our hedgerows.  Today and over the weekend I got the chance to rummage through the nettle beds and undergrowth around different locations.  The beasts and plants below are just some of the features that are out and about at this time of the year.

 Green Nettled Weevil © John N Murphy
Dung Fly © John N Murphy
Common stretch-spider Tetragnatha extensa © John N Murphy
Sweet Violet © John N Murphy
Buttonwort © John N Murphy
Germander Speedwell © John N Murphy
Yellow Rattle © John N Murphy
Bugle © John N Murphy

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