Thursday, May 17, 2012


I would just like to thank people who have been in touch with congratulatory comments in regard to my photo of Chough on the cover of the Summer Issue of the Birdwatch Ireland Magazine "Wings".  It only took 25 years, seven cameras, two brown envelopes and a lot of persuasion to get this accepted as good enough to make the cut.  For those of you that are not members of Birdwatch Ireland (shame on you), I have included the cover design, the article on the Cliffs of Moher along with the adds page for the forthcoming Cape Clear Courses, for you all to see.  Anyone requesting a hard copy of the "Wings" magazine can do so from Birdwatch Ireland, Unit 20, Block D, Bullford Business Campus, Kilcoole, County Wicklow or contact them by email at the following link; 

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  1. Well done Murf, Its good you got some well deserved recognition at last. Super shot of the Chough.