Sunday, November 19, 2017

Still no White-billed Diver

I travelled to Finvarra Point in North Clare yesterday to try and see the adult White-billed Diver that Eric Dempsey found during the week.  Two hours at the Martelloe Tower and still no joy. This is the third time a bird has been found from this location, the same spot where myself and my buddy  Finbarr located the Pacific Diver some years back.  I have been searching for over 30 years for White-billed off the north Clare coast and memories of long winter days with an old friend Andy Smith searching for this Arctic visitor flood back to mind on every visit.  Here are a few shots of the many Great Northern's that accumulate off Finvarra Point. There were also 19 Black-throated Divers far off shore.
Great Northern Diver off Finvarra Point John N Murphy

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