Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Bonaparte's Gull still in Liscannor Bay

The first record or this rare North American Gull was found in the exact same spot over 20 years ago, a first-winter back on 24th to 29th of January 1999. Since then there have been six other records.  Two years ago an adult coming out of summer plumage was found at Quilty. Then last winter, a winter plumaged bird was found at Loop Head, and now this bird at Clahane, also an adult moulting out of summer plumage. Possibly the same bird or another, who knows. Great bird and always nice to see them close to home.

 Adult Bonaparte's with Black-headed Gull John N Murphy
Adult Bonaparte's Gull at Clahane John N Murphy
Old slide shots of the original first-winter Bonaparte's Gull at Clahane beach John N Murphy


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