Friday, April 13, 2012

Grey Wagtail

On my way home from Thurles, in Tipperary this afternoon, I made a detour to Abington Bridge on the Mulkear River near Cappamore in Limerick.  I knew that Grey Wagtails were nesting under the five arch bridge there, so I sat on the river bank for about 35 minutes as I watched the parents gather craneflies (Daddylonglegs) and bring them back to the nest for their chicks. It is amazing how many they can hold in their beaks as they keep catching more in mid air and piling them in on top of previously caught flies.


  1. Cracker of a shot with the bill full of insects. Do I see Stonefly there (the ones with 2 "tails")?

  2. Hi Floss,

    It could be a Stonefly or maybe a Mayfly