Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Saltee Seabirds & More

I was back on the Great Saltee Island in Wexford last Saturday 14th July 2012, to get a few shots of the Gannets.  I was amazed to se how quickly birds had gone from the cliffs this year.  See some shots below.
 Razorbills still nesting on the Saltees © John N Murphy
 Kittiwake with two well developed chicks © John N Murphy
Fulmr keeping gaurd at the Cliffs of Moher ©John N Murphy
 A young Reed Bunting in the bracken © John N Murphy
 Adult Rock Pipit bringing food back to a nest of hungry chicks © John N Murphy
A young Meadow Pipit in grass © John N Murphy

1 comment:

  1. So they've given up and gone already? Seems to have been a dreadful year all round for not just terns and sea birds but passerines, butterflies and bees too. Lets hope there/s enough of them about next year to stage a comeback.