Thursday, July 19, 2012

Snowy Owl

I was working near Bellmullet today and got a chance to go see the female Snowy Owl that has returned to an area of Blacksod Bay.  She was very wary and did not let me get too close.  For comparison the first photo below is what the bird looked like two summers ago.  Is it the same bird?

Snowy Owl, Blacksod, Bellmullet © John N Murphy


  1. Ooo nice bird - 20+ years since I saw one, up at the top end of Norway near Hammerfest. Don't dominant Snowy Owls have more white plumage than others? Something to do with UV relectivity? Maybe this is the same bird but has climbed the social ladder a tad? Anyway whatever it's social status it surely is a gorgeous bird to see in Ireland. Did it stay for long last time Murf?